You can listen to a short demo of Matt in action at the link below.


Matt Summerill has over 30 years experience reading voiceovers.

If you need a professional voiceover for Radio Commercials, TV Commercials, Video and Online, or any Corporate presentation, call Matt today for a free no obligation quote.


Q & A With Matt Summerill

Q1. Where do you record your voiceovers?

A: We have a recording studio right here at SUMM Media.


Q2. How much notice do you need to record a voiceover?

A: Hardly any. If the script is already written, we can record and deliver the voiceover within the hour.


Q3. Can you also write scripts?

A: Yes. I’ve been writing scripts for radio, television, and corporate presentations for over 30 years, for a variety of clients from a wide range of industries.


Q4. Do you also mix voiceovers with music so they’re broadcast ready?

A: Absolutely. We can fully produce and mix your voiceover with music and sound FX if required.


Q5. How much does a voiceover cost?

A: The standard industry rate is around $600 for up to 3 x 30 sec voiceovers. But we prefer to tailor the cost depending on the size of your business, the type of recording, and how often you need a voiceover.

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