April 17, 2019

Radio Ratings – Regional Australia Update


We are still a few weeks from Election Day but there’s another Canberra poll out today.  

The first of the Regional Radio Ratings results for Canberra have been released for 2019.


Next week we will have some more ratings on radio listening on the Gold Coast and Wagga Wagga.


But this week we’re looking at 2 markets in Canberra and also Griffith with their results released on April 2nd.


Remember these are highlights and overall results. If you want to take a closer look at the Survey Summary documents, click on the link at

Your Take Away on the Regional Radio ratings for Canberra and Griffith is:

  • HIT 104.7 is the Number 1 station in Canberra

  • MIX 106.5 has the Number Breaky Show

  • HIT 104.7 is Number in afternoon Drive

  • HIT 104.7 has 137,000 listeners a week, 1,000 more than MIX 106.5

  • In Griffith HIT 99.7 is the Number 1 station

  • Triple M Griffith wins the Morning session 9am-12pm with Ray Hadley

  • In Griffith, HIT 99.7 is your target for Under 40, Triple M for over 40

  • Gold Coast radio ratings out next week


Firstly, let’s head to the Nation’s capital Canberra – classified as a Major Regional Market. Before we dive into the Ratings results, have you visited Canberra lately?  


We all know it’s the hub of our Federal Politics, which essentially makes it the home of the Public Service with almost 250,000 people employed full-time in Canberra, of which 30% of that are employed in Public Administration.


Since 2011, the population in Canberra has grown by just over 8% to 452,000. The largest age demographic is 25-39 year old’s, almost 108,000 making up around a quarter of the population. 40-54 year old’s’ just over 20% or 93,000, and then the young kids 0-9 making up 13% of the population at almost 60,000. Everyone’s making babies.


So public servants and families is what it’s all about in Canberra.


I’ve visited Canberra several times over the last few years and it’s a now very progressive and modern city. Misty Michelle has retired, the fireworks are now of a different kind, and the dope, or should I say dopes, are only seen when parliament sits.


I had a wonderful time touring Old Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial with my 10 year old daughter last year, and a trip to the National Gallery of Australia is a must. The Gallery holds many of our most famous and well known paintings. And there is always a special exhibition like the one from the Tate which we caught in December.


There is a lot to see and do in Canberra. If you’re a foodie, there is a really exciting restaurant scene going on and their local wine industry is producing some of the top drops in the country.


The joint freezes in winter and boils in summer. What were they thinking when they decided to make it the capital of Australia? Maybe our forefathers could see the future extremes of our politics. The Left, the winter chill, the Right, the abrasive hot summer wind. Oh, how we yearn for Autumn and Spring.


BUT, if you’re tourist, Canberra is a great getaway.


A couple of recommendations – Italian and Sons is a sensational restaurant located in the city centre at Braddon. I had some freshly made pasta there last year that was amazing. Book well in advance.

And for a showcase of East Asian food cooked with a modern gourmet twist – there is a restaurant called AKIBA, also in the city centre, and the flavours there will blow your mind.


And to wash all that down, try any of the local wines, but my favourite is the Pinot Noir from Eden Road Wines.


Now that we’ve got all the important stuff out of the way, let’s have a look at how the Canberra radio stations performed during the recent survey conducted by GFK from February 3rd to March 30th this year.




  • HIT 104.7 has taken the Number 1 spot from ABC Local Radio with a share of 17.8, followed by MIX 106.3 narrowly 2nd on 17, ABC Canberra slipped to 3rd on 12.1, followed by Triple J, Radio National, ABC Classic FM, 2CC, 2CA, with ABC News Radio coming in last.

  • The Number 1 Breaky Show is Kristen & Nige jumping 4.7 to an 18 share ahead of Ned & Josh on HIT 104.7 who were equal 2nd with ABC Local Radio.

  • In afternoon Drive HIT 104.7 with Carrie & Tommy followed by Hughesy & Kate smashed everyone, up 3.6 to 22.4, followed by MIX 106.3 and their 2 programs The Wilko Show with Courts and Kennedy Molloy.

  • From a cume perspective, HIT 104.7 has 137,000 listeners a week, just 1000 more than MIX 106.3. 2CC trails the field with just 27,000 listeners a week. Many of 2CC’s programs come from 2GB Sydney, which clearly shows that 2GB’s programs just aren’t resonating with the Canberra community.


So that’s a summary of the Radio Ratings in Canberra. The Radio and TV stations offer excellent value for money and you should be including Canberra in your marketing plan as an affordable market to advertise and attract customers.



Let’s travel further south now to just north of the Victorian border to Griffith, located in the beautiful Riverina region of NSW. It’s one of our most productive farming regions for rice, wheat, canola, oranges, and wine grapes.


In fact, the most successful wine producer in Australia comes from a little town called Yenda located around 16km from Griffith. Casella Wines are the makers of the Yellow Tail brand of wines which skyrocketed to success when it was exported to the United States and sold through Costco stores. In only a few years, the winery expanded to 10 times its original size, and sales jumped from 112,000 cases in 2001, to 7.5 Million by 2005. Wow! Today, Casella Wines sells over 12.5 Million cases of wine each year to over 50 countries. John Casella and his family run one of the biggest businesses in the Riverina but there are other great winemakers in the area including Calabria, DeBortoli, and McWillams Wines.


The population for the Griffith radio signal is just over 68,000 and that takes in Griffith, along with other smaller towns including Leeton, West Wyalong, Narrandera, and Hay.

Over half the population is aged over 40.


It’s a beautiful country town Griffith. Around 25% of the population comes from Italian ancestry. So if you like Italian food and visiting vineyards, there’s plenty of fresh  local produce straight from the paddock to plate to enjoy, and the local wines at the cellar-doors in Griffith are top class. Perfect for a weekend getaway.


Here are the latest ratings results for Griffith with both commercial stations owned by Southern Cross Austereo. The other channels all operated by the ABC.


SCA’s HIT 99.7 is the most listened to station with a share if 30.8 followed by Triple M with 23.4, ABC local radio 15.1, Triple J scored 6.3, with Radio National, ABC News Radio, and ABC Classic FM picking up the remaining listeners.


HIT 99.7 is also Number 1 in Breakfast with a share of 29.3, Triple M next on 23.2, and ABC Local Radio pulling 16.4.


HIT 99.7 wins every other session except for one. Triple M takes the Ray Hadley Morning Show from 2GB 9am-12pm weekdays, and Ray knocks off HIT 99.7 and cleans up at Number 1 in Mornings with a share of 31.9, well ahead of HIT 99.7 on 22.4, and the ABC on 13.7.

Ray Hadley networks his program to 49 markets across Regional Australia enjoying similar success as to what we can see here in Griffith.


So overall, looking at the demographic breakdowns, it pretty simple. If you want to reach an audience under 40, HIT 99.7 is the station for you, and for an audience 40 and over then

Triple M 963AM, formerly 2RG, is the station for an older target.


The Radio Ratings are out next week for Gold Coast, Australia’s largest regional market. We will report back on those results when they are released.


If you have questions or feedback on the Radio Ratings, please feel free to join the conversation below or drop me a note,


Matt Summerill is a radio advertising specialist with over 30 years-experience in the Australian radio industry. Matt operates his own media agency - SUMM Media

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