Healthy Talk with Deborah Hutton

Campaign: ‘Healthy Talk’ with Deborah Hutton 

Category: Health & Wellbeing

Objective: Create branded content for women featuring credible talent, tailored to suit the clients specific product

Strategy: Deborah Hutton is well known, credible, and a great presenter. In the Health & Wellbeing space Deborah has her own channel called ‘Balance by Deborah Hutton’ – a website catering specifically for women. With the ‘Healthy Talk’ segments Deborah talks about lifestyle or health issues that relate to the clients product.

Outcome: This form of branded content allows businesses to develop a deeper relationship with their customers by offering up ‘more than a sell’. It’s a subtle way of grabbing the listeners attention with useful information before offering your product to them. Deborah is a great fit for this category.

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